Can Conceptual Ideas and Software Be Better Visualised?

For hundreds of years Western Christianity conceptualised God in its own Europeanised image and the false images stood as accepted. I always tell anybody who will listen that the first marketers on the planet were proponents of religion. Some have called religion the biggest con of all time. What other business has a product you cannot see, touch, hear, smell, or taste, but rather consumers are exhorted that they must have faith in the product’s existence?

I sometimes complain about Microsoft and other IT companies, about the fact that they can release software which isn’t perfected; like Windows 10 for instance. These operating systems and programs can cause you grief whilst they are working out their teething problems. But in comparison to the business of organised religion these companies are paragons of virtue when it comes to delivering on their promises. God, whether you imagine him to be white skinned with a long beard, or something else, has manifestly failed to show up; and yet still his believers bang on about him.

The Judeo-Christian religions, which include Islam, as they borrowed much of their narrative from the Jews and the Christians, are fervent about the existence of their God at the centre of all things. Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah whatever they want to call him is supposedly omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent; despite the fact that nobody has ever actually seen him. Nobody has ever taken his picture in this digital age of trillions of images floating about in the cloud. Belief and faith stand opposed to everything twenty first century humanity revels in.

Can software engineers and other creators of concepts better brand their ideas to help the products stand up and be clear in their targeted marketplace? Can they learn from the purveyors of religion? Will things like sharepoint development take them to that same unimpeachable level where religion currently stands? Will IT marketing experts have the cojones of their religious counterparts in the marketing field to tell such bald face lies and smile self-righteously at the same time? Are Apple and Google, perhaps, already close to such standing in our modern world? Gods in the marketplace, but with products you can interact with, that do actually exist, even if they are in the clouds.

Can conceptual ideas and software be better visualised? Perhaps, like God, they do not need to be visualised at all. Their existence must be taken on trust like Windows 10.