Defying the Beauty Myth: Adult Performers Allowed Curves

I have always thought and said that the fashion industry is full of faggots and they do not have the best interests of women in their view finders. Applying skeletally thin parameters to the conception of female beauty is all about turning girls into boys. The Spartan idea of a good woman was one who looked and felt like a man; especially under the covers in the dark. Flat chests and jutting cheekbones may do it for Christian, Karl and Calvin (what is it with all these ckkkccc names?), but real men want something they can hold onto.

The fact that women have gone along with the fashion industry’s narrow conception of female beauty says something about how they feel about their own bodies. It has to be seen as a rejection of a woman’s procreative role as mother and nurturer. Skinny mums are not ideal mums, babies and toddlers prefer fat to bones; what child wants to be embraced by a body with jutting pelvic bones? Who wants to bury their face in a bunch of protruding ribs? Kids like rotund, round, warm shapes.

The fashion industry continues to Photoshop women’s bodies to anorexic proportions, and yet the field of escorts and adult entertainers shows that when it comes to men, men prefer more of their women to love. Defying the beauty myth: adult performers allowed curves. The sex industry defines women by their sexy bits and curves are a big part of that definition. A glance at the shapes of a number of Sydney escorts shows that sensual curves are highly desirable. The sexy part of women has now been become a commodity to be bought and sold because it is increasingly unavailable anywhere else.

Women have been competing with men for so long that they have lost sight of the essential differences between the genders. Twenty first century people, generally, live inside their heads rather than the rest of their bodies. Political correctness has removed sexuality from the main game and given it only a thin strip of space to play in. It is inappropriate during working hours or learning hours, so that cuts out at least ten hours a day including travelling time. We sleep for around eight or ten hours a day and we eat for another hour or so a day. That leaves a couple of hours, at most, to find somewhere and someone to express yourself sexually with. Sex is controlled and that is one of the reasons it finds itself so established in the commercial world. Sex is now, more than ever, a business.