The World’s Sexiest Mainstream Video Ads: A Symbiosis between Visual and Aural

Advertising creative directors are a bit like chefs in that they combine ingredients to produce something highly consumable. Take a really hot looking lady, or even better a succession of them, make sure that they are scantily dressed, include a really hot music track, and then finish your dish with a hot sports car for the chicks in knickers to loll about on its bonnet. He presto, you have a killer ad to put up on the big screen, post online and fill in the breaks on a top rating TV series.

The world’s sexiest mainstream video ads: a symbiosis between visual and aural can make a big impact on the psychology of the unwary. A successful ad of this kind can make you want to buy a car, have cosmetic surgery, change your brand of underwear, masturbate, and/or feel like you are really missing out on something. The charge from these vibrating blasts of sound bytes and pixels can ramp up the libido of the young and crush the spirit of the weary. The visuals strut and the music howls; it is like a wolf on heat for sex and blood. Commercials for cars most commonly utilise these beasts of sound and fury. The ads transform a prosaic experience of driving a vehicle from point A to point B into an imaginary orgy of thrills and seminal spills. They present the inescapable conclusion that if you buy this car all these hot women and their pouting beauty in underwear will be yours. The loud music fills your ears and your eyes feast on what you would like to fuck. Advertisers are not allowed to associate images of a sexual nature in ads promoting alcohol, but if it is a car ad they can stick it in as far as it will go.

Sexual video imagery graces our Internet and TV screens with all the aplomb of a nuclear bomb; exploding in the face of teenagers and the young at heart. The content suggests that life is a race and you better speed your way into first place. Hot near naked chicks entice stiff dicks to rev their engines and roar down your street. Life is a movie in the minds of these highly motivated juveniles and they are liable to lose control of the vehicle. Consumer porn flashes in your face every ninety seconds selling you the American dream. Do you ever ask yourself what is the meaning of life?